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Bookwise is a revolutionary book club, the brainchild of New York best-selling author Richard Paul Evans and designed by some of the most talented and successful wealth building coaches of our time, including another best-selling author and financial genius, Robert Allen.How Does the Book Club work?Each Associate pays a $35 monthly membership fee and then becomes eligible for the following bundle of benefits:

  • 1 best-selling Hardcover book that YOU select
  • Audiobook selected by the company and available in your back office for listening from the computer or to download to an ipod.
  • E-book selected by the company and available in your back office.
  • All other books at 40-50% Off.
  • Speedreading lessons
  • *Exclusive Author Interviews for Bookwise Associates and their families
  • *Weekly Wealthwin (wealth building) trainings with financial coaches Robert Allen and Richard Paul Evans
  • *Weekly Presidentwise (business building and life building) trainings with Robert Allen and Richard Paul Evans
  • *Monthly Taxwin trainings with home-based business tax expert Ronald Mueller
  • *Monthly Authorwise trainings with best-selling authors Richard Paul Evans and Robert Allen
  • Multiple Streams of Income through: the sale of books from your on-line bookstore, bonuses when others join your book club, residual commissions from each Bookwise Associate that joins your book club (based on a 5X9 matrix), and a 100% matching commission on every Associate you personally enroll into your Bookwise book club.

*All of these trainings are available live and provide opportunities for you to personally interact with and learn from these experts.  However, if you miss a training, it is also available on-line in your back office to be listened to at a later time at your convenience.  You can also go back and listen to favorite podcasts over and over.  Due to the fact that all trainings are recorded in the back office, a new Associate instantly has access to literally 100’s of hours of back trainings!

How long will it take to start making money and cover the membership cost?

It is impossible to answer that question other than to point out that you receive $35 each time you personally enroll someone in your book club.  Therefore, if you were to share Bookwise with just 1 new Associate each month, all of the benefits above will be free.

Meanwhile, as your organization grows your residual income will also grow, and in time your membership fee will be covered by the residual income– and will continue to grow. 

How do I make money through Bookwise?

Bookwise provides you with multiple streams of income.  A brief description of each follows:

1.  $35 quickstart bonus each time you personally enroll a new Associate into your Bookwise book club (whether they are enrolling for the purpose of building a business or simply to have their own Bookwise bookstore to sell books to others).

2.  Percentage of all books sold from your Bookwise bookstore.  You receive 40% of the profits from all books sold from your bookstore and 10% of the profits from all books sold from the bookstores of those you personally enroll.

3.  Residual commissions paid on each member in your bookclub on a 5X9 matrix.  For detailed information go to the BW: An MLM/Network Marketing Section of this blog.

4.  100% Matching Commission on each person that you personally enroll in Bookwise.  For example, if their commission check is $25, you get a $25 check!  If their commission check is $250, you get a $250 check!  If their commission check is $2,500, you get a $2,500 check!  If you have personally enrolled 5 people, you get matching checks on each one of them!

Do I have to recruit others to join me to be a contributing part of Bookwise?  Is it possible to make money even if I’m not a heavy recruiter?

The Bookwise compensation plan is structured such that there is definitely a place for individuals who love books and literacy, have a desire to build a Bookwise business, but do not see themselves ‘recruiting.’   In fact– the Bookwise compensation plan is designed for each person to only enroll 5 people.  If each person enrolled 5 then everyone would be experiencing success and personal growth!  However- even if you don’t want to recruit 5, there is a place in Bookwise for you.

 This is due to 3 main features of the Bookwise business structure:

1.  As long as you are paying your monthly membership fee you are contributing to the growth and success of Bookwise!  There will be some who simply want to pay the $35/month and enjoy the bundle of benefits.  That’s okay!

2.  The new Preferred Customer Plan makes the Bookwise opportunity a viable and phenomenal affiliate opportunity for anyone, even if they choose not to focus on enrolling other associates.  You may choose to invite your family and friends the opportunity to purchase books at a discounted price from your Bookwise bookstore, from which you will earn 40% of the profits from each purchase.  Also, you are likely to find that some of them will want to have their own bookstore and participate in the affiliate program as well, purchasing their books (including textbooks, religious books, DVDs, CDs, games, etc) from themselves.  Through the preferred customer plan you will be able to create an income from the sale of product and/or from others choosing to open their own bookstore (a franchise, so to speak), with you.

3.  While you may not be focused on recruiting, there will be others on your team and in your upline that are.  Therefore, even though YOU may not be recruiting, under the Bookwise compensation plan you will be paid small commission on everyone in your organization.  Since your upline can only build 5 wide, they will be putting their extra people somewhere in their organization, including under you!  There are some people in my downline who have residual incomes that cover their monthly fees that have never recruited a single associate!  There are others who have simply paid the $35 to enjoy the Bookwise benefits and have not done anything on the business side, yet residual incomes continue to build under them!   This doesn’t happen for everyone– it depends on where you are in an organization as to how quickly an organization will grow under you.  Without doubt the greatest financial benefit comes to those who are recruiting, so if you are in Bookwise to make money you will want to get in on the recruiting opportunity.  If you are not joining Bookwise for the purpose of making money– or you have time to let your business grow slowly over time– then Bookwise may still be for you even if you are not interested in recruiting.

Also– I do not recommend that you join Bookwise expecting that others will build an organization under you.  If you plan to join for the purpose of paying the $35 to enjoy the benefits, be prepared to pay the $35/month for as long as it takes, and anything that builds under you will be a gift!  However– if you are prepared to pay the $35/monthly fee in exchange for the plethora of benefits (worth 10 times the $35 cost!), then we welcome you to our Bookwise team and look forward to growing and ‘becoming’ right along with you!

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  1. thanks for this post. It helped me a lot. Btw How you get ideas for such posts. sorry if it’s out of topic.

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